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Premium Quality - Brewed in Cape Town, South Africa
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4% ABV Lager, brewed with 100% pure malt, using Southern Promise Hops to create a smooth easy drinking lager that is suited to consumers in search of refreshment and flavour in their beer.


Aroma: Mild floral aromas brought on using locally grown Southern Promise Hops.

Appearance: Clear lager liquid that is mild in colour.

Flavour: Low bitterness , with mild hop character.

Mouthfeel: A full malt beer with high carbonation that ensures a full mouth feel.

Overall Impression: Easy drinking and refreshing with an ABV that delivers an enjoyable beer.

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If you would like to stock Percy’s Lager, please send us a mail on info@elcenturion.com


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On 16 August 2008 Monty made history as the first Springbok to play 100 test matches, giving heart and soul to his adopted country South Africa. And South Africans, as we know, is a proud Rugby and Beer drinking nation.

Like our El Centurion 102 brand, Percy’s Lager has been created to honour Percy’s Rugby Centurion legacy and as a celebration of his 25 years Springbok debut in 1997.

Tattooed on Percy’s left flank is a cheerful monkey surfing some waves. An odd choice to some but that little monkey has a legacy almost as legendary as the rugby player himself. At just 9 years old, Percy was offered a scholarship in South Africa and was sent off from Namibia with just his toy monkey and a suitcase.

The toy monkey remained a constant source of comfort and reassurance throughout Percy’s childhood until it was eventually replaced by a Super Springbok leather rugby ball. The mythical monkey has journeyed from toy to tattoo to now having pride of place on the Percy’s Lager bottle.

His beloved surfing monkey is prominent in our logo honouring childhood memories and a young boy’s dreams. The Namibian star under Percy’s name on our labels signifies strength, difficult choices, hard work, passion and dedication. Majestic Table Mountain and Lions Head at the foot of our label signifies strong foundation and the start of something significant. The famous 2007 Rugby World Cup winning kick, ultimate achievement and deserved pride.

Our lager is a perfectly balanced, clear liquid with mild floral aromas brought on using locally grown Southern Promise Hops and brewed expertly by Devils Peak Beer Company in South Africa’s favourite beer style – with no corners cut, no effort spared, and no corn syrup or other unorthodox ingredients or processes.

Percy’s Lager is easy drinking and refreshing with an ABV that delivers an enjoyable beer for real beer lovers and a passionate Rugby nation.