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Our 100% South African Agave Spirits are made from the Blue Agave plant that grows in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, the gem of the Karoo Graaff-Reinet. These magical plants take 7 years to reach maturity before skilled farmers carefully select the best agaves for our process. 

A traditional wood fire and brick oven roast our piñas – the heart of the agave plant – for thirty hours or more. The baking of the Agave is to ensure we convert all the necessary starches to fermentable sugars. 

Stone Tahonas, like in the traditional Mexican Tequila production method, is used after roasting to crush and extract the juices for the ideal fermentation of up to 21 days. After fermentation we distil our Agave spirit twice in copper pot stills to enhance the flavour for the purest EL CENTURION 102 spirit.

Similar to a Mexican Mezcal, the result is a crystal-clear platinum colour liquid with a smooth and distinctly unique smoky flavour with crispy hints of sweet Agave referred to as EL CENTURION 102 Blanco.

Our process3
El Centurion 102 distillery

Our Agave Spirits are then aged in premium American oak barrels for up to 6 months adding a golden hue and silky smooth, woody flavour with hints of caramel and ripe roasted smoky Agave. Also referred to as Agave Gold or EL CENTURION 102 Reposado. 

Our Reposado is then further aged for a minimum of 13 months resulting in a deep amber colour, full bodied finish with a distinct vanilla flavor and hints of spicy notes. Also referred to as our small batch EL CENTURION 102 Premium Añejo.

El Centurion 102 is proud to partner with a proudly South African independent and locally owned family business for the past 22 years committed to sustainability of the production process and materials to minimize the impact on our environment.

With every bottle of El Centurion 102 sold, we will DONATE R10 OF REVENUE to The SACS Percy Montgomery Foundation.

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